The Cast of All That Is Reuniting, and I’ve Never Been Happier for My Generation

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All That Kenan

Attention '90s kids! (Just kidding, the Internet doesn't need to get your attention. It has it 24/7.) The cast of Nickelodeon's legendary sketch comedy show All That will reunite on The Splat next month to celebrate the show's 22nd anniversary. For those of you wondering what The Splat is, it's a block of programming on TeenNick that airs programs from the '90s and '00s, aka the golden years of television for those of my generation.

The reunion will reportedly feature such cast members as Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server (<3), Danny Tamberelli, and Lori Beth Denberg. It will apparently include new sketches which will air during an All That marathon. The cast will also share behind-the-scenes tidbits with viewers.

I know I can be a bit of a negative Nancy sometimes when it comes to '90s nostalgia, but this news actually made me feel really happy for my generation for some reason. (I mean, what's that about, am I right?) I also feel like this reunion format sounds a lot more promising than doing an entirely new revival. Fans old and new will get to enjoy the original series while also reminiscing with the cast as they are today.

And if Kenan and Kel's new Good Burger sketch on The Tonight Show last year was any indication, the new sketches will probably be pretty funny. I'm betting there will be at least one instance of “Vital Information” from Lori Beth. I can't wait to see how she updates her advice for the 21st century, if she even does at all.

You can watch the cast announce the reunion, as well as watch some clips from the original run of the show, in the video below. Ah, the '90s. We really don't talk about it enough.

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