All New Grey’s Anatomy Tonight

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There's a brand new Grey's Anatomy tonight at its usual time slot (9/8c) on ABC, and if you want to remain unspoiled but don't mind knowing a bit of what's coming your way, check out the quick promo for tonight's episode: “I Like You Better When You're Naked.”

For those of you that want a more in-depth look, you can check out the four sneak peeks below, which will spoil you rotten but will also help the time between now and the airing of the episode pass just a tad bit quicker.

Grey's Anatomy 6.12 Sneak Peek 1
Grey's Anatomy 6.12 Sneak Peek 2
Grey's Anatomy 6.12 Sneak Peek 3

Also, be sure to check out the promotional photos for tonight's episode if you haven't already seen them.

Anyone else really looking forward to Izzie's return? Can't wait to have her back. I know a lot of you don't like her, but I think we've lost enough of the original cast. It always feels weird when any of them are missing.