All My Children Recaps : December 15

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All My Children Recaps : December 15th, Tuesday

All My Children Recaps   December 15 20090924 zaf g49 1029 thumb jpgErica was able to convince Angie that Madison is really in trouble from her own father. She is determined to save her from her nightmare. Randi on the other hand was manipulated by Madison’s Dad, James, into telling him where Madison was hidden. At the last hour, Randi realized she might have made a mistake so she told Frankie and Brot that she told James where to find Madison. James busy trying to get Madison to come with him and stop trying to cause trouble for him. Madison looked scared and before James could hurt her, Frankie and Brot showed up.

In court, Annie actually did great representing herself. She managed to let everyone know that maybe Zach and Kendall’s marriage was over because Kendall slept with Ryan. She was also able to turn Erica’s hypocrisy towards her. Erica helped Adam break the law when they kidnapped Little A and that was ok for Erica, so why isn’t it ok for Annie to help Adam, out of love, hide the truth about Stuart’s shooting? Good point. When it was time for JR, Annie decided not to question him when JR sort of revealed that he and Adam have talked about him returning to the Chandler Mansion if Annie disappears. Annie appeared rattled after that but maintained her composure. She decided not to call on Adam as her witness and put herself on the witness stand instead. Adam realized that Annie really cares for him so he decided to save her, or so it seems. He told the court he knew what he did but  made everyone believe he didn’t. Annie was smiling after that.

Erica ran to the Pine Cone to stop James from taking Madison. This was after Randi told Erica, Jesse, Angie and Natalia how he believe James and pretty much put Madison in danger. Angie assured her she understands coz she almost believed James as well.

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