Nobody Loves Mariah Carey More Than The Dude In This Hilarious Parody Video

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All I Want For Christmas Is You Mariah Carey parody December 2013If you think you love Mariah Carey, you better step right off, because you and the guy in this video are about to have beef.

It's a parody from Official Comedy of Mariah's song ‘All I Want For Christmas (Is You)' in which all the guy wants for Christmas is…that song. So all he wants for Christmas is All I Want For Christmas Is You. You get it. He doesn't say whether he wants it wrapped up in a box or tied with a bow or hidden inside a cake like an engagement ring, but he's pretty clear that it's all he wants, so GET ON IT.

Presumably this guy is at work, but I can't imagine he ever gets anything done, what with all the framed photos of Mariah he needs to kiss, playlists he needs to make of just the song ‘All I Want For Christmas' over and over, parody lyrics that need to be written, and dancing that needs to be done on top of of office furniture. It's a miracle he's still employed at all.

Actually now that I think about it, I'd really like to work where this guy works, because it's just a deserted office. There's no one else there, so all you have to do is ignore this insane person for most of the day while he blasts ‘All I Want For Christmas', snorts up candy canes off his desk and…points a gun at you when you turn off his music. So maybe not the best job. But with the right pair of noise-canceling headphones and a bullet-proof vest, I think I could make it work.