Alison Pill Explains What It’s Like To Meet New People Who Have Seen Her Boobs

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Alison Pill Conan video 2013

You might recall about a year ago when The Newsroom star Alison Pill accidentally shared a NSFW topless photo with her Twitter followers. Because the anniversary of the tweet is coming up next week — but probably not for that reason at all — Alison went on Conan last night and took the opportunity to explain herself. As suspected, that picture was not in fact intended for strangers on the Internet to enjoy, but rather for her then-fiance Jay Baruchel. She apparently didn't realize her new Blackberry had a touch screen and unintentionally attached the photo.

I don't have a touch screen phone because I live in the Dark Ages, so I still don't really understand how these unfortunate things happen, but I do know that if I were a celebrity I would just turn into a Tobias-style never nude and do everything with jean shorts on. And since I'd need to cover up my top part as well, being a lady and all, I'd fashion some kind of jean short tube top.

Aside from just getting the chance to explain herself, Alison also has a chance in this video to make me like her. First of all, I'm incredibly refreshed by how candid she is about this situation. Conan brings the subject up, but he's not known to ask unexpected, scandalous questions that his guests aren't prepared for, so clearly Alison was totally cool with the topic. On top of all that, she's such a lively and delightful talk show guest. And before you ask, yes Lively & Delightful is the name of the reality show pilot I'm pitching about Blake Lively moving into an apartment with a pony named Delightful. It's gonna be huge.

But back to Alison. I highly suggest you watch her explain what it was like to meet new people after the photo controversy and think to herself that they might have seen her boobs. Also please to enjoy the part where she asks Conan if he has a “Weiner picture” on his phone.