Exclusive: Alison Brie’s ‘Lost’ Theory

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Alison BrieAlison Brie moonlights between comedy (Community) and dramz (Mad Men), but she loves a good mystery: the crazy mind-bender that is Lost, which turns us into fangirls on insidery message boards Googling, “What ever happened to Walt?”

Alison shared her theory with Crushable at New York Fashion Week , of all places:

Locke is the man in black and he’s the smoke, and I think that Jacob is in Sayid’s body–like Sayid came back to life and is Jacob. That’s my prediction. I’m stealing predictions from my co-star Donald Glover from Community who was divulging all this info to me and was like, “I think Juliet is from the future,” and I was like, “OK, I think that too.” It’s all so crazy, I don’t try to predict it; I just try to enjoy it for what it is.