That Time Alison Brie Peed In Her Mad Men Costume And Still Did The Scene

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That Time Alison Brie Peed in Her Mad Men Costume and Still Did the Scene Alison Brie Mad Men gif


Mad Men may have ended almost a year ago, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still fun to hear stories from the set. Last night Alison Brie was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers, where she talked about that time she accidentally peed all over her old-fashioned Trudy Campbell undergarments and still went on with the scene she was scheduled to film. This proves two things. One, I’m glad I don’t wear a girdle on a daily basis, and two, Alison Brie is a staunch professional.

The 1960s-style girdle Alison wore under her costume was meant to be worn as her only underwear. But Alison didn’t know this, so she kept a pair of her own new millennium underwear on underneath it. (You have no idea how grateful I am that Alison never uses the word “panties” in this interview. Bless you, Alison Brie. My ears thank you.) That became a bit of problem when she had to use the bathroom before filming a scene. Alison explains that the girdle was designed so she could just pull it aside to do her business, but getting her own underwear out of the way beneath layers of skirts proved more difficult.

Needless to say, because I already told you how this story ends in the first paragraph, Alison’s underwear “didn’t quite make it out of the way.” She makes sure to add that this was “a full pee,” not “a slight trickle.” But since she was new to the show and didn’t want to inconvenience anyone, she just went to set with a pee-soaked girdle and did the scene. And do you know what the costume designer Janie Bryant said to her when she found out about it? “It happens more often than you’d think.”

Now let’s all do what Seth Meyers says he’s going to do and rewatch all of Alison’s scenes trying to determine which one it was.