I Could Listen To Alison Brie Freestyle All Day Long

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Allison Brie Freestyling

Alison Brie is always such a treat on late night shows! I'm referring specifically to the time she told Conan that she used to hang naked from a tree like a monkey to cheer up her roommate. I enjoyed that story very much.

My roommate did not. Mostly because she can't climb trees. And therefore saw her worth automatically go down in my eyes. Yep, that's right. I'd replace her with Alison Brie any day of the week. Also brie cheese. Both kinds of Brie make me irrationally happy. And I'll go as far as to say that they both probably look great wrapped in puff pastry and served with jam and honey. But that's just my tumblr (and future novelty book) CelebritiesWhoCouldAlsoBeGreatAppsAtAPotluckParty talking.

Last night Alison Brie joined Jimmy Fallon on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the return of CommunityNo, that wasn't a dream. The show really did return last week! Sometimes NBC takes a break from tanking itself and does something good for a change. Before long conversation turned from the ill-timing of the show's premiere to Alison Brie's freestyling abilities.

Now we've seen her freestyle before, but this time feels a little more impromptu. Which obviously makes it a thousand times better. Also it gives us hope that she can have a successful freestyling career after NBC moves the show one too many times — and officially loses all viewers. But until then, we'll be watching!