Video: Alison Brie Performs A Freestyle Rap With Danny Pudi’s Help

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Do you like watching Alison Brie on Mad Men and/or Community? Would you like to watch her do a freestyle rap the likes of which none of her characters would ever attempt? Would you like it even more if Danny Pudi was beat boxing during it?

Then check out this newly surfaced Youtube video of Alison doing just that at LA's Viper Room this past Friday. During a routine performance of Brie's band “The Girls” (Did you know Alison Brie had a band? Let's ignore the terribleness of that name and its easy confusion with Christopher Owens‘ late, great Girls for a second), someone coerced her into performing a freestyle rap, which she said was “sprung on her” in the manner of Kristen Wiig‘s “don't make me sing” sketch before launching into it head on.

The rap, of course, is terrible, but she's so enthusiastic and game about it that I can't help but love her for it. I guess all those improv exercises paid off! And Pudi's beatboxing makes it even better. She's got that goofy, unashamed, open quality that actors are trained to have. Alison Brie does not care about looking cool!

Wither this new interest in rap? Did she look at her castmate Donald Glover‘s hiphop project Childish Gambino and think “hey, why don't I try that, too?” This video of her covering CG with her band earlier this year at New York's Le Poisson Rouge points to yes:

(Via Paste Magazine)