Michael Lohan’s Comments On Ali Lohan’s Weight Show He’s Still A Horrible Father

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Just in case you thought that Michael Lohan's brief hiatus from the spotlight turned him into a good parent, he reminds us just how horrible he is by commenting nonchalently on his daughter Ali Lohan's weight loss.

While many in the media are expressing concern (as well as faux-concern) over the 19-year-old's dramatic weight loss recently, Michael Lohan's completely cool with her increasingly slender frame.

A few weeks ago he told Fox News that her weight loss is purely a career move:

“She isn’t doing it because it is a psychological issue. She is doing it because she wants to be a model,” Lohan said. “If I thought it was an issue, I would definitely say something. Ali and Lindsay live together, and I think Lindsay would say something to her if she thought something was wrong.”

He says this like this makes any kind of rational sense. If she was losing weight for psychological reasons it would be a problem, but for her career it's completely fine. Unfortunately for Michael, that's completely illogical. Losing too much weight, for any reason, is unhealthy. It's not like your body can compensate for the weight loss just because it's a good career move.

Also sidenote: modeling probably isn't a good career move for Ali Lohan. Living in the spotlight caused her older sister Lindsay to completely self destruct. She's just picking up the pieces now and we don't even know if all the pieces are there to be picked up. Why oh why would Michael ever encourage another one of his children to pursue that life?

And speaking of Linds — in what world is she a responsible adult to monitor her sister's health?

Just because the judge deemed her ready to go off probabtion does not mean she's ready to watch out for someone else's life. I think she's proven she can barely watch out for her own. I'm all for LiLo's recovery so she can make that very necesary Parent Trap sequel, but acting like everything's a-ok in Casa de Lohan Sisters is just unrealistic.

Yesterday's photos of Ali Lohan in Daily Mail just show how thin Ali Lohan's gotten recently. Just like her sister, she needs her parents now. But as per usual, they're too busy talking about their children to the media than actually talking to their children.

(Photo: Daily Mail)