Ali Lohan Looked Terrifyingly Thin At Mom Dina Lohan’s Birthday Party

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This photo of what appears to be the perverse act of Lindsay Lohan making out with her own mother was taken at mom Dina Lohan‘s 49th birthday party. The rest of the Lohan clan was there, too — Michael Jr., Cody, and Aliana, who made her first public appearance since rumors of a potential modeling-related plastic surgery procedure and/or eating disorder began circulating. In photos taken that  night, 17-year-old Ali looks frighteningly thin as she swims in her clothing against a backdrop of various celebrities.

I remember my mother's own 49th birthday. It was a nice, fun evening: my dad cooked dinner and following that we all had cake. I made Mom a card and bought her what was probably a pair of earrings or a sweater — certainly not a Chanel gift bag, ostensibly gotten for free at a Fashion Week event, like Lindsay gifted Dina. There wasn't a person in the room at my mother's birthday dinner who could claim any amount of plastic surgery and no one felt guilty eating the cake. I would venture to say that a celebration like mine was a pretty typical way to ring in a family birthday. But add a paparazzi photographer to the mix and being a teenager at a family gathering takes on new gravity. Here's a comment Lindsay posted to Twitter about the attention Ali has been getting:

“I love how haters pick on my sister yet every runway model is just as thin! My sister is gorgeous and I'm so proud of her and her career!!!!”

The notion of whether or not Ali “gorgeous” isn't the focus of the controversy surrounding her. Nor is society necessarily questioning the beauty of too-thin runway models — being beautiful and being unhealthy are not mutually exclusive. People are alarmed because they're looking at a girl who appears drastically different from the way she looked just months ago, and that's anything but typical, even for a teenager hitting a growth spurt. Seeing something so disturbing shifts focus  to the family — and when this teen's mother is out getting shitfaced and falling all over her other daughter (her recovering addict daughter), it becomes even more difficult to accept that Ali's situation is a healthy one.

Why are people looking at photos like the one above and reacting so strongly? Well, for one, because we're bored at our desks and we love gawking at celebrities. But I'd like to believe there's also an element of genuine concern at play here — for Ali and for a society that encourages a teenage girl to follow in the self-destructive footsteps of her older sister.

(Photos via Rumorfix)