Ali Lohan Gets Crazy Plastic Surgery, No Longer Looks Like A Lohan

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Aliana T. Lohan, “chameleon-like beauty,” is currently making good on that description by looking a bit different than she did a year ago. And by “a bit different,” I mean fucking unrecognizable. Gone is the freckle-faced cutie who first gained prominence for wearing age-inappropriate clothing while standing next to her older sister in photos. In a small space of time, the 17-year-old appears to have had her lips plumped, her cheekbones enhanced, and possibly her nose “refined.” She also appears to have had done something to make her eyes open wider, which I didn't know was possible. The only change I'm into at all is the eyebrows, because a full, well-shaped brow looks nice on most people, and because it didn't involve taking a scalpel to a child's face.

The Fab Life notes that she looks “shockingly thin,” because duh, the fashion industry takes naturally skinny people and puts them on diets, but I think it's at least partly due to her newly enlarged face making the rest of her look smaller by comparison.

I hate to say it, but from afar, she does sort of approximate the kind of lanky, lollipop-headed, dramatic-featured teenager the fashion industry likes to dress up in fineries and photograph. She's also looking a lot less Long Island, which is always good. She should be careful, though. Her sole claim to fame thus far is her proximity to her tabloid-y but legitimately famous sister, and if she changes her appearance too much, people may no longer be able to identify her as a Lohan. Then again, with the 24/7 histrionic soap opera that is her family, maybe she wants to distance herself from them. It was either this or the witness protection program, and this had better parties.

I leave you with a photo of Lohan's face in happier(?) times:

Never forget.

UPDATE: Check out Ali's first modeling spread since signing with NEXT modeling agency.