Ali Fedotowsky: The Next ‘Bachelorette’?

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Ali Fedotowsky  The Next  Bachelorette  ali fedotowsky 133x200 jpgGrass is green, the sky is blue and Snooki is hot-dog orange.

So yes, “Bachelor”-ettes, we might as well follow our hunch along with the Internet chatter: There’s a strong chance that Ali Fedotowsky, who walked out on Jake Pavelka to return to her job at Facebook, will return to the ABC love-a-thon as the new “Bachelorette.”

As for Jake–spoiler alert!–he will reportedly choose Vienna Girardi over Tenley Molzahn in the March 1 finale. Given Vienna’s colorful past–the former Hooters has a bitter ex husband and dated Back Street Boy Howie Dorough–Jake could be wishing, at this very moment, to take back his final rose. Then again, opposites attract, and maybe Jake (whose intense, slightly creepy energy reminds of us Tom Cruise) can make it work with the free-spirited Vienna (who helped him overcome his fear of heights on their bungee-jump date).

But back to Ali. She will make an excellent Bachelorette–better than Tenley or Gia, who maybe has a boyfriend anyway.

Here is why:

  • She’s not a team player. Ali, 25, is like the captain of the girl’s soccer team at your high school who’s so competitive, everyone just gets out of the way and lets her score . She’s also on the honor roll, Homecoming Committee and knows how to party (which she gets away with because she is Ali Fedotowsky). If she and Vienna had been in the same class, there’s no doubt Ali would have spread rumors and other nastiness behind her back–this is because Ali, who spent most of her time on “The Bachelor” talking smack about Vienna, is a card-carrying Mean Girl. (We know she’s a fan favorite, but we’d rather hang out with Gia.) Anyways, it makes sense for Ali, an army of one, to go on “The Bachelorette” because there’s no female competition to distract her from her A-game: finding love.
  • She’s good television. She’s kind of mean but she says what she thinks and, on top of that, she’s cute in a younger, blonder Ali McGraw sort of way. It would be interesting to see what kind of guys producer Mike Fleiss selects for the Facebooker; personally, we’d like to see some suitors who can keep her on her toes because enough already with emo Jake. Maybe bring back last season’s Reid Rosenthal!
  • She buys into reality romance. Somewhere beneath her chilly, tough-girl reserve, Ali has a heart. And as it happened, she WAS falling for Jake the Bachelor. When Facebook called and told Ali, “You leave the show or lose your job,” she chose her job because that was the sure thing. She tearfully informed Jake of her decision, and moments later, was shown sobbing on a hotel floor. She later said she’d never find anyone like Jake ever again. But she will. Because this is The Bachelor/Bachelorette, contestants fall hard fast, and she will do so again on ABC.

If you were pulling the strings, would you make Ali the Bachelorette? Or would you go with Tenley or one of the other “ladies”?