Told You So: Alexis Bledel And Vincent Kartheiser Finally Make It Official By Appearing In Public Together

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I remember that when Amber Tamblyn got married earlier this week, some gossip site snidely commented that Alexis Bledel was now the only unmarried member of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Worry not, fellow celebrity bloggers, because Alexis revealed her new boyfriend Vincent Kartheiser last night at an event in New York City!

Of course, we already told you the two were dating, four months ago. A Crushable source spotted Alexis and Vincent kissing on an airplane leaving JFK, and though they tried to play low-key it was clear they were together. At the time, Alexis had just wrapped her tragic storyline on Mad Men as Pete Campbell's unhinged mistress. At last night's red carpet, they were wearing regular clothing rather than period garb—well, Vincent was definitely channeling Pete in his suit.

But he couldn't stop gushing about his new girlfriend. “I'm a really lucky guy,” he told Us Weekly before emphasizing that they try and make time for each other despite their various projects: “The most important thing, for us, is to make sure that we see each other in the flesh at least once every 10 days. All the other stuff is good, like FaceTime and the texting… I love seeing her. You gotta make the flight!”

Alexis' smile on the red carpet says it all: She was psyching herself up for this big revelation even though it had already blazed across the gossip sites months prior. Well, she can relax now that the news is officially out. Although I do hope that the Vincent she's dating has grown up a bit from the Vincent of two years ago. I still remember that BlackBook article where he regaled party guests with his dating stories, including such gems as “It's not rape after the first five minutes” and the fact that he wears his Pete Campbell wedding ring because “it attracts the right kind of women.”

Alexis has previously dated co-star Milo Ventimiglia, who came across as a bad boy in real life as much as he did on Gilmore Girls. Hopefully Vincent's quotes now show that he's grown out of his Pete persona.

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