Showmance Alert: The Hunger Games Co-Stars Alexander Ludwig And Leven Rambin Caught Kissing

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Alexander Ludwig Leven Ramin kiss showmance videoUpdate: Leven's rep and an on-set source both say that the two are “just party pals.” Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Right in time for the release of The Hunger Games last Friday, BlindGossip posted a massive blind item alluding to a number of hookups among the cast, both the young tributes and their older male co-stars. Since then, commenters have made guesses matching star Jennifer Lawrence with Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, or Wes Bentley but now video evidence can prove at least one on-set romance that doesn't include any of the names mentioned above.

ONTD found this video from PopCandiesTV, which catches Leven Rambin (Glimmer) and Alexander Ludwig (Cato) kissing outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Although the tributes clearly got chummy during filming — go to their Twitters and you'll find hundreds of twitpics of them having sleepovers and group movie dates — the way Alexander kisses Leven seems way more affectionate than a friendly peck.

And what's especially telling is her “oh shit” expression when she glances over and sees the camera. She's been engaged to film producer Geoff Clark since 2010; it's unclear when this video was shot, though it must have been after mid-to-late 2011 since that's when casting was announced. Regardless of any other commitments, Leven still snuggles up to Alexander, tucking her arms under his shirt in another intimate gesture.

Honestly, I always assumed that Leven and Jack Quaid had a thing going, since they took cute twitpics and celebrated her birthday together while filming in North Carolina. However, there's definitely a Glimmer/Cato romance hinted at in The Hunger Games movie: When Katniss is perched in the tree sawing away at the tracker jacker nest, you can see that Glimmer has snuggled up to Cato in her sleep. Leven has said that she played the character as very sexual and willing to sleep around to make alliances.

It's difficult to find a photo of Leven and Alexander together; usually she's photographed with Dayo Okeniyi and Jackie Emerson, whereas you see him alongside Jennifer Lawrence and other male tributes. There's another possible reason that this is — or was — a genuine showmance, the fact that we hardly ever see the two together. Of course, they won't work together on The Hunger Games again since both their characters bit the dust. But they'll always have the Arena…

Photo: JustJaredJr