Alexa Vega From Spy Kids Is Now Married For The Second Time, In Case You Want To Feel Ancient Today

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Hey, remember when your mind was totally blown when you found out that wee little Alexa Vega from Spy Kids was all grown up and posing for Instagram nudies?  And then again when you found out she was a 23-year-old divorcee?  Well hold on to your heads, because now she's officially a 25-year-old twice-married woman.  Which is like, two years away from being a thrice-married woman (I mean, not really… I just wanted to say “thrice”).  Feel super old yet?  Yeah, I feel you.

Alexa's new husband, Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush, is 24.  Which is better than her previous marriage, to a 36-year-old man when she was barely of legal drinking age, but I know I certainly wasn't ready to get married at 24/25 (I'm barely ready now at 28 and a half, for crying out loud), but I wish these two lovebirds nothing but the best.  I think they're already off to a good start, since Carlos Pena wasn't in high school when Alexa was born.

They were married yesterday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a location I know almost nothing about except it was always a popular vacation giveaway spot on The Price is Right, if my sick-day-from-school memory serves me correctly.  Anyway, it looks like these two are very happy together, even if they don't seem to care that the Spy Kids girl getting married for the second time makes the rest of us feel like card-carrying members of the AARP.

(Photo: Instagram)