Alexa Vega Is All Grown Up And All About Posing Nude For Instagram-y Artistic Reasons

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Remember Alexa Vega, that tween girl child who starred in all 19 of the Spy Kid films. (Remember that time you babysat the worst children in the world and they made you watch the original movie three times in a row or threatened to tell their parents that you hit them? No, only my memory. Awesome.)

Then remember when you didn't really hear about her for a few years (give or take a few movies and ABC Family shows) and then read somewhere that she got married at 21. Now with Miley Cyrus the 19-year-old -Attention-Grabbing-Liam-Marrying-Extraordinaire in the mix, 21 doesn't seem so young. But I remember in 2010,  I loudly compared Alexa Vega to a child bride in a crowded bar.

What if someone wanted to make Spy Kids 45? Would her husband hold her back? I feared for her career and the possibility she would give everything up for the man she loved. But alas, she seems to still be a healthy, functioning person. Just a married one.

She's so healthy and so functioning that she recently did some kind of photo shoot that involved removing her clothes. She shared two of the photos today via her Twitter @AlexaVega. In one she's clothed and the other she's not. One says “photo session!” and the other says, “fun shots from a shoot I did.”

I'm not sure if they're related. I am sure, however, that she looks great in both of them — not to sound like a creepy relative, but she's blossomed into a woman beautifully. Yes, even in the nude photo. It's tasteful and artsy and everything I expect from a celebrity on Instagram.

Well done Alexa! That's how you appropriately use social media to show that you're all grown up.