The Woman Who Inspired The Character Of Alex On OITNB Is Writing Her Own Book

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Laura Prepon as Alex Vause on Orange Is The New Black OITNB are you fucking kidding me GIFI hope you have your popcorn ready, because the woman who inspired the character of Alex Vause on Orange Is The New Black is writing her own book.

Her name is Cleary Wolters, and I've never heard of her ever before, even though she spoke to Vanity Fair earlier this year about the fact that her version of events differs significantly from Piper Kerman‘s, who wrote the book, and Jenji Kohan‘s, who created the series. But not significantly enough that she doesn't want to hitch a ride on their project a little bit, as she's tying it in pretty obviously in the title — Out Of Orange. I see what you're doing there, and I'm excited to read your book, but a big part of my brain is screaming, “Hey girl, where ya been?”

After all, Piper's book came out in 2010, which was six years after she began serving her sentence for money laundering and drug trafficking, and the series came out last year, so what was the hold-up in hearing from you, Cleary? Were you waiting for the franchise to get popular enough that you could ride its coattails? And why are you going by Cleary now, anyway, instead of your given name, Catherine? The fact that you now have a name as cool and quirky as ‘Piper' did not escape me.

The book, titled Out of Orange, will be published in May 2015. It will answer many questions about the events leading up to prison, including the story of Cleary's foray into the international drug world and how the operation worked, the dangerous situations she faced, the alarming characters who worked with her, and her mindset as stumbled into and maneuvered out of a money laundering and drug trafficking labyrinth spanning the globe.

Cleary says she was inspired to write from her own point of view because of the ways that her character has been portrayed in the series:

“I think people may be surprised at what happened to me after I turned myself in – and where my life is now.”

So basically ‘not the villain not the villain not the villain not the villain' over and over, on every page. Can't wait to read that. Publishers are saying that it won't serve as ‘background material' to the series, but publisher Mark Tauber from Harper Collins says:

“The whole story is even more surprising and eye opening than we had imagined.”

Ooookie dokie! I'll take that bait, and I'll read your book, but you're getting a whoooole lotta side eye from me, Miss Wolters.

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