4 Possible Reasons (Other Than Love) That Alex Pettyfer And Riley Keough Are Engaged

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Alex Pettyfer Riley Keough engagement ring Magic Mike whyIn today's shocking news, Crushable 25 honoree Alex Pettyfer is reportedly engaged to girlfriend Riley Keough. As Liz Lemon would say, “What the what?” Alex and Riley have been going out for only about six months; they met on the set of Steven Soderbergh‘s stripper movie Magic Mike. And yet, Us Weekly found this photo of the lovebirds, with Riley sporting what looks to be an engagement ring on her left hand.

This seems like the craziest thing Alex could do. He's only 21 and his career is just starting to break; to tie himself down seems counter-intuitive when he's in a place where he's still changing so much. He dated Dianna Agron for close to a year — definitely more than six months — and they seemed more in love than he and Riley are.

So what could be the reasoning for Alex proposing to Riley?

  • Shotgun wedding. Sorry, it's the first thought that springs to mind after such a short relationship. (And just imagine, for a moment, how beautiful the great-grandchild of Elvis Presley, combined with Alex's genes, would be.)
  • They want to remain on good terms for the inevitable Magic Mike sequel.
  • Riley doesn't think she can do any better than Alex, so why even look? To be fair, before him she dated Ryan Cabrera and Jonah Hill.
  • It was a spontaneous gesture that made sense because plenty of people in Hollywood get engaged without actual thought of planning a wedding/marriage.

The last reason might make the most sense, and it could still mean that they love each other. Yeah, I know that this list is supposed to point out how ridiculous it is for a 21- and 22-year-old to get hitched, and it's still meant to. All the same, reading Riley's Twitter, they seem like a fairly normal young couple.

So, let me ask you…

Photo: Brooks/INFphoto.com