[UPDATE] Maybe Alex Pettyfer Just Cheated On His Fiance Because He Was Doing Research For The Magic Mike Sequel

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UPDATE: We just spoke to Chelsea Heath on the phone about this entire incident, or what she's calling an unsubstantiated rumor. Not only is she saying that did she not have an affair with Alex Pettyfer, but she's only hung out with him once because they have a mutual friend. Her lawyers are currently working hard to get the original story removed from JanetCharlton.com and until then she's determined to use social media to her advantage to stop this rumor from going any further. While she hasn't spoken to Alex, she feels horrible about him and Riley Keough and has no idea why her name got linked to their break-up.

Remember last spring when Alex Pettyfer and his Magic Mike co-star Riley Keough got engaged and we were all like, “say what?! That's a little fast for a young couple who just started dating.”  Well looks like they're already getting caught up in a storm of media emotions since Riley dumped Alex for cheating on her last month with a lingerie model.

Before you grab your pitchforks in a gesture of female solidarity against men-with-excess-stubble-who-thinks-this-gives-them-the-license-to-do-whatever, let's think about this for a second. Here's what we know from Janet Charlton.

We hear that Riley found out from mutual friends that her British fiancee had a one night stand at the Bel Air Hotel last month with Chelsea Heath, a sexy lingerie and foot fetish model.  Elvis’s outraged granddaughter confronted Alex and he couldn’t talk his way out of it. The engagement was called off and the two went their separate ways.

Chelsea Heath, more like Chelsea Breakout-Role. While her name's not included in any of the news about the Magic Mike sequel, I don't think it's entirely out of the question that she's not starring in the movie. And that in the sequel, the Kid gets so deep into his ecstasy addiction that he starts dating a sexy lingerie and foot fetish model.

But, twist, Chelsea wants to be more than a sexy lingerie and foot fetish model. Sure it pays the bills, but at the end of the day she just wants to gather materials left over on the beach from hurricanes and turn them into recycled thongs. All she needs is an investor. Who wears glasses and can sweet talk ladies at the bank. And cue Channing Tatum's grand entrance into the film!

Sounds exciting, right? I know. I'm already wearing my 3D glasses in anticipation for this movie. And only my 3D glasses.

So hold your horses Riley Keough. (And hold your grandfather Elvis' horses too, because it appears that every article ever written about you will include his name.) I think you should think this through a little bit more.

What's that old  saying? If it looks like cheating and it sounds like cheating, it's probably just research for a film about male strippers.

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