Alec Baldwin’s Wife Did Yoga On An Airplane, And I Can’t Imagine Anything More Annoying

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Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria in New York City September 2013(Photo: Joel Ginsburg / WENN.com)

If Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are currently in the midst of trying to prove which of them is less fit to move about in society, then they just turned this into a dead heat. But if they're not trying to do that, they should know that they're really not killing it in the ‘being a decent human' department.

We already know that Alec has that pesky habit of flying off the handle and verbally assaulting photographers who so much as look askance at his new daughter, Carmen. He's been at it for so long that I didn't think Hilaria had any chance of catching up and being more annoying, so late in the game. But just like the Little Engine That Could, I seriously underestimated her tenacity, which she proved by posting the following photo to her Instagram yesterday:


It's a little hard to figure out exactly what you're looking at, but that's Hilaria doing yoga in the center aisle of an airplane. Now I'm not on one currently, but as I recall from my last visit to the friendly skies, it's not an area renowned for its extra space. In fact I think there are even a few stand-up jokes about what a negative, uncomfortable experience flying is in general, with the cramped seating and the bad food and whatnot. I feel like I remember hearing just a few of those.

But no matter! If you hate flying, perhaps you'd enjoy the first class section, where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy…Hilaria Baldwin's hand on your leg as she contorts her body at 35,000 feet. Just look at the pleased faces of her thrilled seatmates! Look how thrilled they all to have been generously included in your dedication to healthy living.

I don't know girl. I think you might've just pulled into the lead in this contest. Better tell Alec to blame something on the gays or Ireland to appropriate a culture or they could lose this whole thing. ASSEMBLE BALDWINS.