Stalking Alec Baldwin’s Stalker Genevieve Sabourin

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Unsurprisingly actor and piercing-blue-eyed man Alec Baldwin has a stalker. Just look at the man, at his IMDB profile, at his Huffington Post writing career, at his Yoga instructor fiance and try to explain to me how he wouldn't have a stalker. With the exception of a few custody snafus and leaked voicemails with his daughter Ireland and his ex-wife Kim Basinger, the man's basically perfect. Who wouldn't want to stalk him?

Genevieve Sabourin knows what I'm talking about because she was arrested this week for allegedly stalking Alec Baldwin. She sounded like she had so much fun, I thought I would stalk her. If she thinks it's so great that it's worth getting arrested over, then I wanted in on the game.

So what did I find out about my new favorite gal? Not much. For a stalker, she's incredibly hard to stalk. But I guess she's a professional and knows what to hide and where to hide it. God, I have to admire her.

Here are the tidbits I could find on Genevieve Sabourin.

1. Genevieve's a Canadian actress who's played memorable  roles such as “Mr. Renaud's Secretary” in the film Eternal.

2. She met Alec “hard-to-get” Baldwin when she worked as a publicist for The Adventures of Pluto Nash and he did a cameo in the movie.

3. She's persistent! According to Fox News Latino, she emailed him twice in just one day. Bold move for a lady unsure of a man's feelings.

In an April 4th email to Baldwin, Sabourin wrote “I need to start my new life, with my new name…in my new country help me my newly (sic) husband, you!”

But the message didn’t end there, as Sabourin sent another email the same day.

4. She breaks all the rules when it comes to gender norms. Huffington Post reports that in one of her emails she insisted he marry her.

One email read, “Say I do to me.” In another, she referred to him as her “husband,” according to court papers. “Please Alec come and pick me up now. I am less than 10 min away from you tonight. Say I do to me.”

And there you have it. Genevieve Sabourin in a nutshelll. Or a straight jacket. Whatever phrase you prefer to use. While Baldwin may have a temporary restraining order against her, we're sure she's not finished with her stalking yet. Women who insist you marry them via email rarely give up after the first arrest. That's just a fact.

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