Alec Baldwin And Jimmy Fallon Star On The World’s Messiest And Most Unexpectedly Funny Cop Show

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Alec Baldwin Jimmy Fallon cop show 2013

Last night Alec Baldwin stored his temper away in a safe spot so he could go on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and be funny. Because Alec Baldwin has made such a name for himself as a photographer-threatener and Twitter ranter and just a general grumpypants, I started watching his and Jimmy's '80s cop show segment with some trepidation. But then I remembered, oh yeah, this is the same Alec Baldwin who played Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. Also Jimmy Fallon, one of my favoritest people, is in this video. So I gave myself a quick slap on the wrist and enjoyed.

Alec and Jimmy star as two cops on the series Point Pleasant Police Department. They don't spend much time out catching perps. Most of their time is spent snacking back at the station, but the twist is that these two guys can get into some pretty messy situations. Mostly because they're that infuriating breed of people who spit when they talk. Rumor has it there's a special place in hell for them right next to the large groups of people who take up an entire aisle at the mall and also Kris Jenner, who's just on vacation there.

You still might not be convinced that this will work, especially since the video goes on for over eight minutes, but somehow it ends up being adorable and hilarious. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Jimmy is much worse at projectile spitting than Alec is, so he ends up getting the brunt of the mess all over him. Also, his mustache has a hard time staying completely on his face. Also also, if you've been jonesing for Jimmy's famous breaking tendency that he became known for on SNL, it's back big time in this video. He can't contain his laughter, and if you watch it you're guaranteed to break your own character of “stoic individual watching a funny video but refusing to laugh.” Sorry, but you're not gonna be able to pull that role off while watching this. It's simply impossible.

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