Like Father, Like Daughter: Ireland Baldwin Has No Patience For Haters

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The more I get to know Ireland Baldwin, the more I think she's turning into an awesome person who I'd want to brunch with on the weekends. This week's social media sailing snafu proves that she's not afraid of her haters and she has no patience for anonymous people commenting on her life. Rather than backing down when she got confronted, she threw their insults right back at them in a surprisingly witty way.

As we all sadly know, the lovable Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock suffers from a slight temper regulation problem in real life. Time and time again Alec Baldwin lashes out (and sometimes punches out) anyone who angers him. While I admire his passion, I fear his fist.

His daughter Ireland Baldwin seems to have inherited his spunk  and is putting it to use on Twitter. A safe, violence-free space. So while it's definitely unattractive to see a middle-aged successful actor unable to control his emotions, it's absolutely admirable to see a teenage girl use that same passion to take control of a negative situation. Especially a teenager girl who has to deal with haters simply because she had the luck/misfortune to be born to  celebrities.

So what happened to make her my new celebrity child role model? Let's run through it, tweet-by-tweet.

Alec Baldwin tweeted out the following photo from a Sag Harbor sailing race and tagged his daughter. I saw it as a loving gesture from a father to a daughter.

Apparently other people saw it as a snobby, pretentious mupload designed to make them feel sorry about their poor lives. But hey, here's the thing. Alec Baldwin makes a lot of money. Alec Baldwin spends a lot of money. This shouldn't surprise anyone. Taking it personally every time a rich person does something rich will make your life very frustrating and very long.

Now if this photo was him kicking a homeless man with the same caption, I'd understand the backlash.

But it's not. So Ireland Baldwin responded to the overreaction via Twitter. (Read from the bottom up)
And then proceeded to tweet out the following hilarious photos making sure everyone understands that she's not someone to mess with when it comes to social media insults.


Bravo Ireland Baldwin. As someone who's constantly battling haters, I applaud your photos. And for the record, I'd grab free mints with you anytime.