Alec Baldwin Wants To Be On GIRLS, Presumably To Understand His Young Wife

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afi the rise of the guardians 2 041112Alec Baldwin seems to be studying the behavior of narcissistic twenty-somethings, presumably so he can begin to understand his young wife Hilaria Thomas. He had Lena Dunham on his Here's The Thing podcast, and essentially asked her if he could be on GIRLS:

Lena: Well, we’re starting season three and —
Alec: When?
Lena: We’re starting at the end of March. I’m so excited.
Alec: Great. I’ll be available.
Lena: Yay!
Alec: I’ll come and play your therapist.
Lena: That would be the most fun thing in the world.
Alec: You need a therapist.
Lena: Bad.
Alec: Bad.

This is a confusing interaction for my brain. A 54-year old man infamous for flying into erratic rages petitioning a 26-year old lady infamous for being either loved or hated (but either way an extremely successful show-runner) for a spot on her HBO show about self-absorbed twenty-somethings. This is baffling. I can't imagine that Alec needs any more money, especially coming off seven seasons at 30 Rock. Actually, I just realized he probably didn't get paid very well to do that show. It's just that in my head, the better a show is, the more you get paid for it. Which is why in my dream world, Charlie Sheen got $10 an hour to work on Two And A Half Men.

But yes. There's nothing I would like more than to watch a man who I'd imagine has endured many hours of therapy of his own pass on that knowledge to Hannah Horvath, the deluded, misguided voice of her generation. Ugh, goddamnit. Now that I'm seeing it all written out like that, I actually would be really interested in watching that episode. Curse you, Lena Dunham, you've gone and done it again. You coy saucy wench.

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