Alec Baldwin Becomes A Dad Again At 55, Which Means Ireland Baldwin Is Now The Coolest Big Sister Ever

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Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

Everyone's favorite Twitter ranter, Alec Baldwin, welcomed a daughter with his oh-wow-she's-my-age wife, Hilaria, yesterday. This means so many things!  First of all, it means the name Carmen will probably explode this year along with all of the Harpers and Avas out there.  It also means that Alec Baldwin is older than my dad and just had a baby.  I would probably shoot myself if my dad was having another baby, to be perfectly honest, so kudos to Ireland Baldwin for being so excited about it.

Because she's undoubtedly the coolest big sister who ever lived (and this is coming from a pretty bad-ass big sister), she's already written a Tumblr post for her new baby sister! Carmen Baldwin isn't even 24 hours old yet, and she's already in the know about things like smoking weed, dealing with annoying parents, boys, bodily insecurities, and petty little bitches.  This makes me feel pretty inadequate, because all I did when my sister was born was smile at her briefly and ask my parents when I could have the Happy Meal they promised me.  While it's a little premature right now, I think it's great she's taking this whole my-dad-married-a-woman-12-years-older-than-me-and-now-my-baby-sister-is-17-years-younger-than-me thing so well, and has obviously been looking forward to being a sibling.

My personal favorite on Ireland Baldwin‘s list of life lessons is #4:

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. In elementary school, you may not necessarily care about your outward appearance as much. For me, I started to care in Middle School. I started to compare myself to my classmates and to my friends. I would come home and sob for hours because I had super rosy red cheeks and hairy legs because I didn’t know razors were a thing. We’ll get into shaving later. In high school, I started to care about other’s opinions of me too often and I began to hate my body. I simply wasn’t good enough for my own two eyes. You may be as awkward as a hillbilly at the opera in middle school and part of high school, but believe me, you will grow out of it! Don’t beat yourself up!

How I wish I had someone to guide me away from being as awkward as a hillbilly at an opera!  Damn it.  🙁

Anyway… congrats to the crazy Baldwin family on their newest addition!

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