It Just Wouldn’t Be An Alec Baldwin Controversy Without An Angry Twitter Rant

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Alec Baldwin attending the Oklahoma screening April 2014

Yesterday in New York City Alec Baldwin was arrested and issued two summons — a traffic violation for illegal biking, and disorderly conduct. He was apparently riding his bike in the wrong direction down Fifth Avenue, had no ID on him, and reportedly “went ballistic” at the cops, so they had to put him in handcuffs. Obviously this whole controversy wouldn't be complete without an angry Twitter rant from Alec himself, and he did not disappoint. He apparently biked home (hopefully the right way) after being released from jail and soon after took to Twitter to defend himself, obviously.

In his earliest three tweets, he manages to diss the officer who arrested him, the paparazzi, and New York City as a whole. That's gotta be some sort of record for him, right?

Alec Baldwin Twitter rank biking arrest 3

But Alec wasn't done there. Later he resumed his rant, detailing what happened in his own words, accusing the officer of lying and going ten tweets (more if you count the earlier ones) before realizing he'd spelled her name wrong. You can read them all below, starting from the bottom if you're into chronological order:

Alec Baldwin Twitter rant biking arrest May 2014 1

Alec Baldwin Twitter rant biking arrest May 2014 second

For someone who demands privacy and has claimed before to be retiring from public life, Alec sure does enjoy telling us every detail of the things that happen to him. And he certainly wastes no time sharing it with us. I feel so honored that I'm one of the first people he wants to complain to after he gets in trouble… along with the rest of the Internet.

Alec wasn't the only one dealing with his problems through social media venting. His wife Hilaria shared an Instagram photo of her and baby Carmen — who was “feeling the negative energy” — doing yoga to relieve their stress about the situation. I'm starting to think it's physically impossible for Hilaria to exist in any non-yoga positions.

She also posted a video depicting the paparazzi waiting outside for her, but it surprisingly does not include footage of her sitting down in the middle of the crowd and going “Om.”

(Photo: Brian To / WENN.com)