Everything You Need To Know About Your New Crush, Beautiful Creatures Star Alden Ehrenreich

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There are a lot of reasons to get excited for Beautiful Creatures, the next teen fantasy sensation that reverses the Twilight archetype by featuring a girl with magical powers and a semi-helpless human boy who falls in love with her. But here's my reason.

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Meet your new boy crush, Alden Ehrenreich. Look at that jawline kids. I know the eyes are what jumps out at first, but do not overlook the jawline. That shit is essential (Think Channing Tatum in…well every movie he's ever been in). But if you really want to be ahead of the massive wave of fangirldom that's about to hit Alden, heres' what you need to know.

The Basics

This well-jawline-endowed (that's a thing) 23 year old was born to-be-a-star in Los Angeles to an interior designer and an orthodontist, ensuring great teeth and style. He was raised a Reconstructionist Jew, ensuring that he'll make a great husband (at least that's what my mommy always told me).

The Discovery

When he was 14, he made a home video comedy of himself breaking into a friend's house and trying on her clothes. The film was screened at the girl's bat mitzvah, and Steven Spielberg happened to be there, because I'm pretty sure that's just how things go when you live in L.A. Alden himself described the video as: “I ran around as a skinny little punk, trying on girls’ clothes and eating dirt,” and Spielberg just knew that skinny punk had potential. He set him up a meeting at DreamWorks, and the rest (will be) history (someday).

So Artsy *Swoon*

My boy Alden auditioned for (and got) the role of Bennie Tetrocini in Francis Ford Coppola's movie Tetro by reading a passage from Catcher in the Rye. You guys. He is totally that kid that read Catcher in the Rye 37 times but didn't count because that's not what he's about and sometimes carried it around in his pocket but not in a JFK-killer way and got something new out of it every time he read it and empathized with Holden because he was an angsty youth and they have super similar names.

Also he's really deep and passionate about his craft:

“My acting coach said if you put your head down and just do what you love to do, you'll look up and be surrounded by people who love you… Hopefully your life isn't defined by romantic relationships necessarily you have your own passions and own sense of self so you double down on that”

But He Is So Not Robert Pattinson

When asked if he was worried about becoming a teen heartthrob a la RPatz, Alden gave the best possible answer there is:

“I think the opposite. I feel that those people in that position of celebrity have the ability and the access to do the most creative work that they could possibly do because they get to work with the best people. They get to find scripts that they love and want to play parts in to life.”

And This Is NOT Twilight (Subtle Diss)

“I love that we fight in the film, that it's not just this idealized relationship; it's a real relationship, because the characters that Richard developed in the book are just so real and I loved my own character.”

Okay Alden, I think we're going to become real close.

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