Paralympian Alana Nichols Plays Paul Rudd’s Famous Prank On Conan, And It’s Still Hilarious

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Alana Nichols Conan video January 2014

Conan O'Brien recently welcomed paralympian Alana Nichols to his show to talk about the Sochi Olympics. Alana's a gold medalist in wheelchair basketball and alpine skiing, and she's the first American woman to win gold medals in both the summer and winter games. Turns out she should also get a gold medal in being hilarious, because she played a familiar prank on our favorite late-night redhead.

If you're a frequent Conan viewer or just a fan of funny things in general, you know that whenever Paul Rudd is on the show he sets up a clip from whatever he's promoting and then ends up showing the same cheesetastic scene from the '80s movie Mac and Me. Even if you know it's going to happen, you'll still be rolling on the floor laughing. Conan still seems to be entertained by it too, even though he must just write “watch Mac and Me clip” on his schedule whenever Paul Rudd is coming on the show.

Turns out Alana is a fan of Paul Rudd and his pranking skillz, because she decided to try it out herself after telling Conan it's a clip of her competing. I know I told you it was going to happen, and I know you might have already watched Paul do it a million times, but trust me when I say that you're still going to love it. And it makes even more sense this time because the clip involves a wheelchair, and Alana uses a wheelchair. Clearly Alana has a great sense of humor about herself, and I love it.

Now that you've had a good laugh about that, check out a real video of Alana in action and hear her talk about her experience as a paralympian. And then of course root her on when she competes at the Sochi Olympics next month.