Alan Rickman Talks About Severus Snape

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One of my favorite actors, Alan Rickman, finally is giving us a little bit more of a look into what he thinks of Severus Snape. Here’s an excerpt:

It just seems like you’re so well known here for the bad parts — for Snape or the Sheriff of Nottingham.
ALAN RICKMAN: Is Snape bad?

Well, ultimately obviously not.
ALAN RICKMAN: I didn’t say anything.

But you don’t know that until the last book.
ALAN RICKMAN: So therefore you just said ‘bad’ like—

Well, he does not appear to be tremendously likable, at least through Harry’s eyes, for most of the time.
ALAN RICKMAN: So your point is? (giggles) No. Look, I don’t judge characters anyway for anything. I just get on and play them. And if you were sitting inside my skin, and I can’t sit inside yours or deny what you’re saying because that’s your perception. But if you were sitting in my skin, you’d look at the work you’ve done and go, ‘Well, wait a minute…. Look at all of those against those.’ And it’s just that some of them get a lot of publicity. That’s all.

The one thing they all have in common though is they’re all complex characters.
ALAN RICKMAN: I hope so. I hope they live through three dimensions. I resist the labeling, that’s all, because I think it’s too easy to do that to characters and stories. Wrap them up. I like it when stories are left open. That’s what I like about Jo Rowling as a storyteller, it’s full of possibilities.

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Honestly (and I know I’m going to get flack for this), even though Snape was ultimately validated as a “good” guy at the end of Deathly Hallows, I didn’t buy it. It seemed very forced to me.

>>ducks and hides<<

What do you think?