I Never Knew How Much I Needed This Vine Of Al Roker Being Creepy At A Drake Concert

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There are some things that you know you need, and some things you never realize you wanted until they appear in front of you and you have no idea how you lived without them for your whole life leading up to that moment. This Vine of Al Roker at a Drake concert falls into the latter category, and now that I've found it, I'll never let it go.

A few things about Al that you should know — first of all, he's the weather anchor on Today, in case you have the same problem that I do about getting out of bed in time to watch any television in the morning. It's hard enough to find time to skip breakfast, how do you guys also find time to half-listen to a weather report.

Second of all, he's fifty-nine years old and knows how to use Vine, which is a conundrum in itself, and I'm saying that as someone whose father recently purchased an iPhone. I know what I'm talking about.

And third of all, Al attended a Drake concert in Connecticut last night. I do not know why he would do this unless he was a fan, but if his Vine is any indication, he's not suuuuuper into the music. Just look at him stare ominously into the camera as bros bro out behind him to the bro-y music, bro! Just marvel at his choice of #TooOld for his caption. (Also marvel at his understanding of hashtags over the age of fifty. This is a strange new world we live in.)

This is the Halloween Vine I never knew I needed, and I can't stop watching it. It doesn't hurt that it's basically a perfect loop or that he's BY HIMSELF and wearing a button-down and a jacket. What sort of solo-date did Al feel like he was taking himself on, today? I love it.

I'm a sucker for celebrity self-awareness in all of its incredibly rare forms, so this is seriously enough to make me think of Al differently. Not enough to start checking the weather anywhere but on my phone, but it's a start, right?