This Former American Idol’s Story Will Be The Most Inspiring Thing You Read All Day

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Burnell Taylor AIP Post
Since you're currently sitting in front of a computer, I imagine you're looking for something pretty great to read. Well, stop! You've found it. Prepare to get all giddy and motivated with this inspirational video featuring American Idol's Season 12 finalist Burnell Taylor.

He's the latest celebrity story to be featured by Project AIP, an awesome organization focused on helping teens overcome difficult situations. Their aim is to give teens crazy-inspirational celebrity stories to encourage them to believe Anything Is Possible. Burnell's story of gaining confidence through survival is one perfectly in tune with this message.

Having survived Hurricane Katrina when he was 12, Burnell credits getting through the storm with giving him the motivation to be a singer. After auditioning for his school's talent show, he hasn't looked backed on pursuing music. In addition to hearing his inspiring story in the video below, make sure you check out the :18 mark to see what might be the ultimate compliment from Mariah Carey.