Aidy Bryant’s Story About Thinking She Was Gonna Sleep With Drake Will Remind You How Underrated She Is

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Aidy Bryant Drake story Seth Meyers June 2014

All the ladies of SNL are very dear to me, and I think they're all absolutely positively hilarious. But at times I feel like some of them don't get enough credit. Namely Aidy Bryant. There's a lot of talk about how brilliant Kate McKinnon is and how great Cecily Strong is, but I think it's time we gave a paid a little more attention to how awesome Aidy Bryant is. That's why I love this interview with her from Late Night With Seth Meyers.

The most notable part of the interview is her story about the time Drake hosted SNL. If you watched that episode you might remember the sketch in which Aidy's a girl at a sleepover who has a rather mature crush on her friend's dad, played by Drake. Turns out the real Aidy felt much the same about the real Drake, and when she told him this, he joked about her coming to his hotel room. The way she describes her reaction, thinking she was going to cheat on her boyfriend with Drake, had me laughing out loud. That says a lot for Internet videos. Usually my reaction is just heavier breathing, unless my friend is showing me something they like and I need to humor them with guffaws.

Aidy makes me laugh in general. Just the little eyeroll she gives in the “Do It On My (Twin Bed)” video when she says, “Now it's a whole thing Jean” is enough to have me rolling on the floor. And the rest of this interview succeeds at that as well. It's also a testament to how great Seth Meyers has become at interviewing people. After Aidy drops an F bomb, she says, “I'm too comfortable up here with you.” Sure they used to be castmates, but Seth has that natural style with pretty much everyone. Yay Aidy and Seth!