After The Rape Scene In Straw Dogs, You’ll Never Look At Alexander Skarsgard The Same Way

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Straw Dogs[Update: This post is old. Click here for the latest posts on Alexander Skarsgard.]

Alexander Skarsgard may play a blood thirsty vampire on True Blood, but his character's violence on HBO is nothing compared to the horrible attack that he inflicts on Kate Bosworth‘s character in the new movie Straw Dogs. (Spoiler Alert? This movie is famous for its horrific rape scene.) This remake may not be as emotionally conflicted as Sam Peckinpah‘s 1970s film of the same name, but after all the intense violence that happens on screen, you may never be able to look at Alexander Skarsgard the same way again. At least I won't be able to.

Of course, I am well aware that Alexander Skarsgard is just playing a role in this movie, and the character has nothing to do with the actor himself. But I have had more than a little crush on the smoking hot Swede — I think everyone at Crushable does — and after seeing him commit a forceful rape on screen in Straw Dogs this week, I don't think I'll ever be attracted by him again.

Straw Dogs, which opens in theaters today, follows Hollywood screenwriter David Sumner (James Marsden) and his wife Amy (Kate Bosworth) as they return to Amy's hometown in Mississippi to fix up and sell her father's house after his death. Confronted by Amy's former life and the townspeople she grew up with (including her ex-boyfriend Charlie (Skarsgard) who David hires to fix the roof of a barn on their property) Amy and David test the bonds of their relationship as they face utter torment.

The original Straw Dogs drew controversy because of its violence, particularly in the brutal rape scene of Amy. Even though I hadn't seen the original before viewing the updated version this week, I knew what to expect. In both movies, there are actually two rapes that take place, one after the other. First, Charlie forces his way into Amy's house after he and his friends have lured David into the woods on a hunting trip and abandoned him. Charlie rapes Amy, while his friend Norman (played by Rhys Coiro here, aka Billy Walsh on Entourage) quietly slips into Amy's house. When Charlie is done, Norman forcefully rapes Amy himself, as she screams and cries. As I sat in the theater, I had a physical reaction to the horrible assault: I could barely stay in my seat, I covered my eyes and cried. Honestly, I would have walked out of the movie at that point if I wasn't watching it for Crushable.

After seeing this new version of Straw Dogs I decided to do more research, and I watched the rape scene from the original movie.

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