In Honor Of Will and Jaden Smith Teaming Up For After Earth, We Give You 5 More Awesome Father/Son Film Pairs

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Will Smith and son Jaden Smith are teaming up for After Earth, M. Night Shyamalan‘s new sci-fi flick. The film comes out on May 31st… Or does it?!??! Just playing, it does. I'm just trying to prepare you for the Shymalanian twist that is sure to come at the end of the movie. We've seen Jaden and Will on the silver screen before in 2006's The Pursuit of Happyness. Jaden did an amazing job and had a great presence with his father — even though he was only five-years-old. We're interested to see the pair again, seven years later, and find out what they bring to their new movie.

Will and Jaden are not the only famous father-son film duo acting these days. Here are five more pairs, some that you may have heard of and some that might surprise you.

Ben and Jerry Stiller

jerry stiller ben stiller zoolander


They're named Ben and Jerry, so obviously they make a great pair. A pair that makes you laugh and crave ice cream. The comedians have appeared in seven movies together including The Heartbreak Kid, The Independent, and most famously, Zoolander. Jerry played model agent, Maury Ballstein while Ben was, of course, Derek Zoolander. Maury's uses Derek for his and Mugatu's scheme at first but in the end comes around and even helps start “The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.”

Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez, and Charlie Sheen

emilio estevez charlie sheen martin sheen


Martin Sheen, father of the aforementioned “warlock,” has had loads of television and film roles, including The West Wing and Apocalypse Now, and he starred as father to his sons' characters more than once. He played Charlie‘s father in Wall Street, and No Code of Conduct, and Emilio‘s in The Way, In the Custody of Strangers, and The War at Home.

Brendan and Domhnall Gleeson

brendan gleeson harry potter mad eye


Hold on to your hats, nerds. This one's good. Brendan Gleeson is the British actor who played Mad-Eye Moody in the Harry Potter films. His son, Domhnall, was Bill Weasley in the both Deathly Hallows movies. I know what you're thinking, he only got cast because his real name sounds so Harry Potter-ish.

Tom and Colin Hanks

colin hanks tom hanks great buck howard


Tom Hanks has been in a ton of movies and is one of the best actors ever. Colin Hanks was in Orange County. At least that's how I'll always think of him. He was in other stuff too like TV shows Band of Brothers and Roswell, as well as the film The Great Buck Howard. In the movie, Colin Hanks plays a road manager to a magician played by John Malkovich. Tom Hanks plays Colin's disappointed dad. Honestly, I'd never heard of this movie but it sounds fifty percent intriguing and fifty percent just weird.

Michael, Kirk, and Cameron Douglas

it runs in the family michael douglass(via)

The three generations of Douglases– plus Kirk's ex-wife/mother of Michael/grandmother of Cameron, Diana Douglas— all appeared in It Runs in the Family together. Annoyingly appropriate title, right? The film is about three generations of a successful New York family. It has a 28% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it might be best to pass on this one.

So there you have it, six father-son acting pairs. Some of these movies sound questionable, but After Earth sounds pretty cool and if The Pursuit of Happyness is any indication, I'm more than willing to give Will and Jaden another chance.

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