After Deliberations Jury Decides … Not To Decide

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Britney Spears’ trial continued today with closing arguments and jury deliberations but as it appears at the moment, verdict will only be read on Monday.

In his closing arguments the prosecutor, Michael Amerian, told the jury that Britney should be convicted because “Every significant occurrence of Britney Spears’s life has occurred in Los Angeles, she is a California resident.”

He claims that Brit’s attempt to obtain a local license months before the incident “shows her intent to stay here.”

Britney’s attorney, Michael Flanagan, told jurors that Brit “doesn’t want to be here (in California). She’s a Louisiana girl. She’s only here because of her custody case. She keeps thinking, maybe next month I can go home.”

If Britney is convicted she can get as much as 6 months in prison or $1000 in fines. Hopefully, if she is convicted she doesn’t get locked up as it would kill all her efforts at this point.