Adrianne Curry Kicked Out Of Comic-Con For Dressing Like Aeon Flux

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Adrianne Curry might just be God's gift to horny male geeks. She's a babe, she's a gamer, and she really likes to show off her goodies. So when picking an outfit for this year's Comic Con, it made sense that she'd want to tackle Aeon Flux, the cartoon character who kicks ass while wearing a uniform that barely meets the human definition of “clothing.” I mean, the bottom part is basically a pastie for your vag plus a couple of black strings that are designed more to decorate your butt than to cover it.

Looks pretty accurate, no? Unfortunately, it was a little too accurate for the cops running security, and Curry was kicked out until she could cover those demonic ass cheeks of hers. She returned with a stupid red jacket tied around her waist, and all was forgiven.

This whole charade strikes me as somewhat silly. I understand that there are kids around at Comic-Con, but if they are old enough to watch Aeon Flux, shouldn't they be old enough to see her human doppelganger? Or is the ass of a human female many times more X-rated than the ass of a cartoon? What do you think?