The Ex Who Inspired Adele’s Hits Has Supposedly Been Unmasked

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Despite speaking quite frankly about the break-up that inspired hits like “Someone Like You,” Adele has never named names. But according to British tabloid Now Heat, the dude in question is one Alex Sturrock, a photographer who traveled with her during her 2009 US tour.

According to an unnamed “friend” of Mr. Sturrock's, “It was an intense period for them. They met through mutual friends while Alex was working for Vice and hit it off straight away…He shot her a few times and that was just it. They spent all their time together – and when they weren’t together they would ring each other constantly.”

At least part of the story is definitely true: Alex Sturrock did indeed go on Adele's 2009 tour with her, and there's a whole section of his photography website that shows Adele captured in various intimate ways: in bed, with some sort of mud mask on her face, goofing around with a Christmas tree, etc. (The photo above is by him as well.) They're great photos, and I wouldn't be surprised if the guy had a close relationship with Adele, even if they weren't porking.

Also, the dude still works for Vice UK as a photo editor at large, and if there's anything I know about the kinds of guys who work at Vice, it's that they like to pull this type of shit (sorry guys, I like you but you know it's true):

The unnamed pal claimed Alec refused to call the singer his ‘girlfriend’ even though he was living at her house in Shepherd’s Bush, West London and added: “Adele was pretty hurt by that, but Alex didn’t want to label what they had.”

Mm-hm. Sure, that's the reason. You didn't want to put a label on something so special and unique as a boy-girl relationship. You were not fucking any other women on the side at all.

In any case, Adele clearly got through it all right, and she has a hit album and millions of dollars (or “pounds,” as they say in England) to show for it. Alex Sturrock has some nice photos and a bad reputation among women. Adele wins.

(Via The Sun)