Adele Will Release A New Single This Year…Could It Be The New James Bond Theme Song?

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God bless Adele and her chatty, candid mouth. Following a blunder last year in which she revealed she was working on some kind of “theme,” the singer has announced to a French radio station that she'll be releasing a new single this year. But given that singles are usually taken from albums, and Adele has made it clear in no uncertain terms that it will take her at least two years to write a new album, what kind of project could this single possibly be attached to?

Answer: the soundtrack of the new James Bond movie Skyfall, if rumors are to be believed. It's slated to be released this year as well, so the timing matches up. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but that can't keep us from speculating, now can it? Personally, I think Adele's combination of retro style, pop songwriting ability and global fame would make her a very good choice to do the new James Bond theme. Past writers and performers tapped for this job include Alicia Keys, Jack White, Madonna, Garbage, and Tina Turner, so she'd be in good company.

(Via Idolator)