Adele Takes Legal Action Over Faked Sex Tape

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A French tabloid released images today that are purported to be from a sex tape starring none other than Grammy-winning British singer Adele “rolling in the sheets,” as they say. While I wouldn't put it past her rubbish ex to try to profit off private footage of her, this doesn't seem like the kind of thing Adele would be foolish enough to do, now does it?

It's not. As fast as the people at Public could type the words “La sex tape!” into Photoshop, Adele has taken legal action against them, calling their claims “untrue and grossly defamatory” and “one hundred per cent false.” She's kept quiet about it on twitter thus far, which is probably a good strategy to avoid driving unnecessary attention to the story.

But what about joke twitter account adelesexbf? I'm guessing he (or she) is still formulating a response, because as of now his most recent tweet is something rather unrelated:

Come on, @adelesexbf it's been a few hours. We need to know about the porno you guys made together.

(Via The Telegraph UK)