This Preview Of Adele’s Sultry Skyfall Song Sounds Like ‘Rolling In The Deep’ But With More Chase Scenes

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Adele "Skyfall" preview James Bond Daniel Craig

Singer Adele has been slowly gestating a special something we've been excited to see, revealing details bit by bit. No, I'm not talking about her baby—I'm all about “Skyfall”, her new song for the James Bond movie of the same name. For a long time it was rumored that she would be singing the official theme, which seemed like the smartest idea since she's become such a phenomenon in the past two years and of course she's a Brit. Yesterday, she tweeted a photo of the sheet music from the recording studio, officially confirming what we already knew.

One of my friends pointed out that Adele co-wrote the song with Paul Epworth, who collaborated with her on “Rolling in the Deep.” Not only is this a big deal since many of the Bond theme song artists don't write their own songs, but also that these two were responsible for Adele's first big hit. So, will “Skyfall” have that same slow rise to a thundering chorus? A 90-second preview of the song leaked online, so judge for yourself.

The song originated on MySpace but seems to have disappeared, but thankfully several people uploaded it to YouTube. I have to say, it's grown on me after three listens. It sounds like it'll be slow-burning the way “Rolling in the Deep” was, but you get a sense of the impending greatness from the preview, including the lyrics — Let the sky fall / When it crumbles / We will stand tall / Face it all together — and the familiar Bond strains in the background. But I'm no expert, on music or Bond themes, so what do you think?

The full “Skyfall” track will debut on Thursday via Adele's official channel—that's the 50th anniversary of the franchise's premiere, on October 5th at 0:07 a.m. UK time (which is Thursday the 4th at 7:07 p.m. EST). Adele also released a statement expressing the emotional roller coaster that was involved with creating and recording this song:

“I was a little hesitant at first to be involved with the theme song for Skyfall. There's a lot of instant spotlight and pressure when it comes to a Bond song. But I fell in love with the script and Paul had some great ideas for the track and it ended up being a bit of a no brainer to do it in the end. It was also a lot of fun writing to a brief, something I've never done which made it exciting. When we recorded the strings, it was one of the proudest moments of my life. I'll be back combing my hair when I'm 60 telling people I was a Bond girl back in the day I'm sure.”

I imagine that we'll go through much the same emotional journey once we hear all of “Skyfall” on its own. Though I gotta say, I kind of miss the pre-internet days when I would go see the newest Bond movie with my dad, and after the opening sequence it was the first time I would ever hear the song! Anyone else?

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