Listen To This Ridiculously Awesome Mash-Up Of Adele And Daft Punk

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In case the 1:40 of musical Prozac I provided earlier was not enough for you, here is a ridiculously awesome mash-up of Adele‘s “Set Fire To The Rain” and Daft Punk‘s “Something Between Us” by producer Carlos Serrano that I've been playing on repeat all afternoon. Have I mentioned how ridiculously awesome it is?

Newly titled “Something About The Fire,” this remix marries Adele's soulful vocals perfectly with Daft Punk's retro, 70s funk-tinged electro. This might be heresy (to both Adele and Daft Punk), but I think it could be even greater than the sum of its parts, which, really, is the ultimate goal of mash-up making. It makes me think Adele and Daft Punk should actively work together to make more songs like this. How about it, guys?

Listen below:

(Via Earmilk)