Adele Was Understandably Less Than Thrilled About These Rebel Wilson Rumors

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Adele middle finger

There was a recent report in British tabloid The Daily Star that Rebel Wilson was set to play Adele in a biopic about the singer's life, adding that Rebel is trying to prove herself as a serious actress and possibly win an Oscar. Adele herself caught wind of this rumor, and she was not thrilled about the idea. During a recent concert, she told the crowd how she really felt, saying that it's simply not happening.

According to NME, this is what she said:

“You don’t get to make a film without my fucking permission. Shut up. There’s no film. Just because I’m plus-sized doesn’t mean she’s playing me.”

When I first read the quote, I was kind of like, “Daaamn Adele. It was just a silly rumor. No need to get so defensive.” But then I watched this video from the concert and the joking tone in her voice, and I felt a little better.

I also considered something that made me more sympathetic to Adele's point of view. Just imagine how you would feel if someone told you Rebel Wilson was going to play you in a movie. Because I just imagined it, and I probably wouldn't have been as nice as Adele was. I would abandon all reason, storm every office in Hollywood and demand to know who made this decision. The only real person Rebel Wilson should play in a movie is Rebel Wilson… and she pretty much already does that in every movie she's in.

And for the record, Rebel herself  took to Twitter to say the rumors are just that — rumors.

Anyway, ignoring who was supposedly cast in the role, can we all agree it's a bit too soon for an Adele biopic? Let's allow her album titles to at least get to 35 before that's even on the table.

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