Pretty Sure Adele Just Sneakily Told Us That Her Next Album Will Be Out This Year

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Adele looking coy with coffee cup GIF(via)

I don't want anyone to overreact or anything, but I'm pretty sure that Adele just dropped a major hint that her next album will be here sooner rather than later. Like within the year. THIS. YEAR.

(Hold for applause, stifled screams of excitement, glasses shattering, cannons going off, etcetera.)

Are we good? Ready for me to keep talking? You can hyperventilate through this if you need to, but stay with me. Adele has never officially given us a date to be looking forward to for her next album, or even an assurance that there would be a next album, so this is our first glimmer of hope that Baby Angelo hasn't taken her out for good. And aside from the whole starting-a-family-thing, considering the fact that she had to have vocal chord surgery in November 2011 after pushing herself too hard, I wouldn't have been terribly surprised if she'd never put out new music again. Devastated? Yes. But surprised, no.

Which is why I'm so beyond beyond beyond excited that Adele dropped us a little hint of things to come when tweeting about celebrating her birthday, which was yesterday:

Why Adele, you coy devil! I'm assuming we can all figure out why that's a clue, and if you can't — SHAME ON YOU! It's a clear reference to the fact that she names her albums after the age she is when she writes them — she already has 19 and 21so if she's expecting to see '25' again at some point this year, it's gotta be because the material is already written and the album will be dropping POST HASTE. Within the next seven months. If that doesn't get you all hot and bothered in your areas, I don't know what will.

Also I've been meaning to ask you, where did you get that cannon from before? The one that made a really big noise right after I told you Adele was hinting about a new album. You really shouldn't have those in a residential area. Or really any area that isn't also a pirate ship. Just saying.