Adele’s Middle Finger At The BRIT Awards Was Completely Justifed

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Last night at the 2012 BRIT Awards (The UK Grammys, if you will), Adele made headlines for not only winning the Best Female Award and Best Album, but also for flipping off the audience when her acceptance speech was cut short. The usually polite and charming performer shocked the world with her middle finger and we can only guess, broke up relationships all over the English countryside.

Within hours of cutting off Adele, the show's organizer, ITV and presenter James Corden issued an apology:

Following the ceremony at London's O2 Arena, the show's organisers released a statement saying: “We regret this happened and we send our deepest apologies to Adele that her big moment was cut short due to the live show over running.”

While I don't want to jump to conclusions, I can't help but think this is Taylor Swift and Kanye all over again. Except they're British so it's all much more civilized. And Adele's an adult, so instead of making a “oh goodness gracious, who is this big ole man stealing my trophy from my tender little hands” face, she flipped him off. We can only hope that her performance at next year's Brit Awards doesn't involve a song of forgiveness.

As far as her middle finger goes, all I have to say is good for. She just won two huge awards and she's kicked off the stage by someone named James Corden. I've never even heard that name before in my life and I know at least 6 British pop stars. I would be more upset if she didn't stick up her middle finger. This is her year and she deserves her moment in the spotlight (literally, in this case).

Unlike M.I.A's controversial middle finger at the Super Bowl, this one had a purpose. It was a non-verbal “in-the-moment response to something that pissed her off. Much better than yelling, “fuck you!” or sending out vague, angry tweets from backstage. M.I.A's middle finger was the preteen equivalent of crying because your parents didn't get you the iPad on the day it came out. One was a matter of justice and one was a matter or being weirdly ungrateful.

On the slight chance you think Adele's middle finger was just as childish, just listen to who she was about to thank before she was cut off:

“I was about to thank the British public for all their support but they cut me off. So thank you very much for all your support. It's amazing.”

You just can't help but love her.

(Photo: Telegraph)