Adele Photobombs a Fan During Her Concert, Just Gets Perfecter and Perfecter

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Adele begins her world tour

(Photo: WENN.com)

In case her helping a fan propose wasn't enough to make you sad you didn't get Adele tickets (unless you did, in which case GIVE THEM TO ME), this week during a Manchester stop on her 25 tour, she photobombed an audience member's selfie. Granted, she didn't get as close as Beyonce did that time she photobombed a fan during her concert, but considering Beyonce is God, it's kind of unfair to bring her into it. And honestly, a selfie with Adele as a tiny, glittery speck in the far background would still be my most prized possession.

The lucky fan who got the photo is Kerry Scott, a full-time mom from Liverpool who was at the concert with her husband. They already had awesome seats close to the stage, and to top it all off Adele actually acknowledged Kerry when she asked for a selfie. Here's what Kerry told the Liverpool Echo:

“I just couldn’t believe it. She was going around the edge of the stage saying hello to people and interacting with the crowd and I just shouted to her if she could get a selfie.”

And to top it all off, Adele even complimented Kerry's hair.

“She couldn’t come down off the stage but she posed for the picture and she said that my hair looked great. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Can you imagine actually having your hair complimented by Adele? I would never wear another hairstyle for the rest of my life. Not only that, but I'd bring it up in every social situation I was ever in for all of eternity. Would I probably lose friends because it would be so annoying? Probably. But would it be worth it? Damn right. All I would need is me and my Adele-approved hair. Congratulations, Kerry!

Aren't we lucky to have Adele back in our lives?