Happy Monday: Adele Is Possibly Doing A Vegas Show And New Album At The Same Time

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Adele Grammys Tattoo Baby Name

In “Everyone's Bucket List” news, Adele has reportedly been offered a mult-million dollar deal to have her own Vegas show.  Move over, Britney!  This is a show I'd actually give up my wedding savings to go and see.

According to a “source” (who better be reliable because I will be out for blood if not), Adele is considering the Vegas offer because it would offer her a stable place to be a mommy, rather than touring the world.  She's also considering recording a new album (double squee) and feels it would be easier to do so if she were permanently in one place for awhile.

As if this story couldn't get any more magical, ithe source also claims that Adele has also been seeking the counsel of Sir Elton John, because they're both British and they're both super talented legends and they're both new parents, so of course they're both besties.

I feel really out of the loop on Adele's life lately, since she hasn't even told me her son's name yet.  I know once I hear her perform “Skyfall” at the Oscars, I'm going to go through major Adele withdrawals once again (it's such a tease) and the perfect cure would be knowing for certain that an Adele show was happening in Las Vegas.  I would absolutely go into debt for her because she is amazing.

For now, I'm satisfied knowing I am six days away from an Adele performance.  But my fingers are crossed, my checkbook is open, and I am ready to cross this one off the Bucket List.  Right after skydiving with my cat and eating 12 dozen Georgetown Cupcakes.

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