I Love Adele, But Does She Really Deserve To Get The Lead Role In A Movie?

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Adele 85th Annual Oscars February 24 2013 Los Angeles California

Another day, another singer being inexplicably attached to a movie role. Huffington Post is reporting that Adele is supposedly being considered to play the lead role in the Dusty Springfield biopic. This reminds me of the other day, when I hated that Taylor Swift had been cast in The Giver. To be fair, I'm just not a fan of Taylor's. But Adele, in all of her amazingness, is someone I'm very much a fan of. So, while I'd like to flex my hypocritical muscles (they have grown large and strong over the years) and look the other way while Adele hacks into Hollywood, I just can't help but feel against it.

The movie that is causing me to question my blind allegiance to all things Adele is about the life and times of Grammy and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Dusty Springfield, whose music I've never actually heard. I'm sure that there are people in the world who have heard of her, hence why there is a movie being made about her career, but I'm not one of those people. Sue me. But don't actually because the joke would be on you, as I am only one half-step above poor. But, yeah, I'm not really emotionally attached to the film. It won't offend me if they get the hairstyles wrong or if Adele doesn't quite capture Dusty's walk because I won't notice either way. What will offend me and what I will absolutely notice is if the movie ends up being bad due to bad acting that could have been entirely avoided by casting an actual actress. You know, someone who has taken tons of classes and honed their craft and has Lee Strasberg as their phone's wallpaper. A lady (or convincingly lady-like man, I don't care) who dreams of capturing the heart and soul of Dusty onscreen… not someone who can make her voice do that thing that Dusty's did. And that's what I feel like Adele would be hired for, considering the fact that she doesn't have any acting experience.

Maybe there's a little extra Disney Channel in the water lately, because that would be a proper explanation as to why so many singers are into trying their hands at acting all of the sudden. It's usually the other way around with actors becoming singers, but, either way, I don't get why everyone feels the need to do everything. What's so bad about being really good at singing without feeling like you need to also be good at acting and painting and unicycling? I know that lots of people will probably be elated by this news, because they just really love Adele. I, too, really love her. Which is why I don't feel so bad for wanting her to stick to using that beautiful voice to make me feel all of the feelings. There's no time for movies when you've got emotions to sing about, Adele!

The silver lining, here, is that it's a biopic centered around a musician; so, if there is any singing to be done, Adele's absolutely your gal. But for the other 75 minutes or whatever that require actual acting, who knows? What if she ends up being a terrible actress? I would much rather a well-acted movie that requires a voice dub than I would a few well-sung songs that are overshadowed by mediocre acting. Can we agree to agree, hire a real actress, and just let Adele completely own the soundtrack? Trust me, it's a fool-proof plan.

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