Awkward Timing: Adele Steals Whitney Houston’s #1 Spot On The Billboard 200 Chart

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Maybe it's the leap year or maybe it's Adele's amazing vocals, but she's having the best February ever. Not only did she take home all the Grammys and not only did she win the biggest award at the BRIT Awards this week, but she just took the number one spot on the Billboard 200 Chart.  Her award-winning album “21” has been the longest running number one album for 21 nonconsecutive weeks now.

Who had the number one selling album before Adele? (This is an easy question guys, just reread the title of this post.)

Yes, you guessed right. Whitney Houston's “Bodyguard” was the longest running album for 20 weeks in 1992-1993. This news just goes to show that it took almost 20 years for someone to knock off Whitney out of her #1 spot. That's how many albums she sold back in the '90s and that's how talented she was in her prime. For those of you who measure your time exclusively in Bieber years, she had the bestselling album of all time a year before he was even born.  While everyone's focused today on googling her casket photos, it's important to remember that her most memorable work happened when she was alive.

This impressive accomplishment also goes to show that Adele likely has a long, successful career ahead of her — since she's the first female artist in 20 years to accomplish this feat. At only 24, she has several more years ahead of her to make amazing hits, before she's relegated to judging The Voice 3D.

Here's to hoping a lot more people break her heart and inspire her to write a lot more hits.