OMG! These Baby Photos Of Adele Just Got Me So Excited For Her Baby

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Because I'm a psycho, I just googled “baby photos of Adele.” I just wanted to get an idea of what her future child might look like when she gives birth to it in two months. I thought maybe I would email a few to Simon Konecki and see if he wanted to share his baby photos with me as well. Then I could really get the most accurate picture possible of what this child will look like.

Once again, sometimes I worry about my mental stability when it comes to celebrity children. I also sometimes worry that I'll never love my own children as much as I love famous people's children. But that's neither here nor there. Yet.

WhatI found  during my secret Google hunt was just so precious and so adorable that I had to share them with you. While it won't shock you that Baby Adele is super cute, it will make your heart melt to see these photos. And it will get you super pumped to see her child in just a few months. Sorry, I'm still stuck on the fact that she only gave us two months to emotionally prepare for this child.

I can only hope she's already worked on a few lullabies so they're ready when she goes into labor. Because rumor has it that Adele will actually sing through her pregnancy pain. She's that talented.